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Pest Control in Maidstone
Control Services for Rodents, Insects, Birds and More

If you’re suffering from a pest infestation at a domestic or commercial property, the professional team at Sabre Kent Ltd is here to help. Our pest control services benefit clients in Maidstone, and in all areas across London and Kent, through reliable methods which we guarantee to eradicate the problem. We use humane techniques and modern equipment on every job.

This helps us to carry out rodent control, bird control and insect control in line with current BPCA practices. We are one of few companies locally to specialise in fox pest control.

About Sabre Kent Ltd

Established in 2013, we are a small, family-run business based in Maidstone with more than 60 years of combined experience in the pest control industry. What makes our company unique is that we offer a superior level of service with our own eradication guarantee for any of the following infestations:

  • Rodent control (including rats and mice)
  • Bird control (such as pigeons and seagulls)
  • Insect control (involving wasps, ants and fleas)
  • Fox pest control (for town and country properties)

Our team provides domestic and commercial clients in Maidstone and the London and Kent areas with working solutions for all common pest control problems. Methods range from humanely dispatching animals as part of our rodent control and fox pest control services, to ridding homes of bed bugs and cockroaches or fitting roofs with state-of-the-art bio acoustic systems through our insect control and bird control services.

At Sabre Kent Ltd, we understand the importance of delivering successful pest control solutions that eliminate infestations and stop the spread of disease. This includes protecting homeowners, commercial clients and the public, and restaurants and schools in our wide trading area.

Ethical, Reliable and Humane

We work as humanely as possible when removing pests from your property by adhering to current BCPA (British Pest Control Association) regulations. Our focus is always on the safety of our clients. Our team also provides advice on good wildlife management for their gardens. Not only do we successfully eradicate unwanted pests, but we also help clients in the Maidstone area to create safe havens for native wildlife.

Find out more about our services below:

  • We offer a same-day service to domestic and commercial clients in London and Kent, subject to the availability of a pest control officer
  • Sabre Kent Ltd also offers no-obligation estimates for rodent control, bird control, insect control and fox pest control at competitive prices
  • Our company uses modern digital technology, such as bio acoustics, as an alternative and environmentally friendly pest eradication method
  • We are insured to undertake pest control services, which meet Consumer Protection Association (CPA) demands, for your peace of mind
  • Our team adheres to Industry Codes of Best Practice from the BPCA and the National Pest Technicians Agency (NPTA) for a safer brand of service

Rodent control, bird control, insect control or fox pest control, we have Maidstone, London and Kent covered with a modern, ethical and humane range of services.

For pest control in Maidstone and the surrounding London and Kent areas, call 01622 470 077 or 07919 262 797.