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At Sabre Kent Ltd, we provide humane and reliable pest control solutions for domestic and commercial clients in Chatham and the surrounding areas of Kent and Medway. As certified members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and the National Pest Technicians Agency (NPTA), our team is fully qualified and insured to undertake effective eradication services, which include fox pest control, rodent control, insect control and bird control.

Pest Control Regulations

British Pest Control Association


The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) is a non-profit organisation that endorses pest control companies, including our own, which carry out pest control services to an impeccable standard of professionalism. BPCA members can be trusted to eradicate pests which pose a public health risk, whilst preventing harm against the public, non-threatening animals and the environment.

National Pest Technicians Agency


We are proud to be members of the National Pest Technicians Agency (NPTA), which provides pest control companies with a trustworthy accreditation. The NPTA cooperates with the UK government and the BPCA to assist clients who are searching for reliable fox pest control, rodent control, insect control and bird control services. The organisation also keeps members up-to-date with Industry Codes of Best Practice and modern advances in pest control technology.

UK Laws and Animal Protection


It is illegal to carry out the following methods for fox pest control, rodent control, insect control and bird control in the UK:


• Snares that are self-locking and don’t slacken when animals are caught


• Weapons, such as knives, clubs, bows, crossbows or explosives to kill creatures


• Dogs, birds or other animals to act as bait for pests, including fox pest control, without a valid licence

Ethical Pest Control Solutions

Fox Pest Control


• Fox-proof fencing is installed to strengthen hutches for outdoor pets and pens for chicken at domestic and commercial properties in Chatham and the local areas


• Fox pest control sprays act as repelling scents to ward off foxes from returning to your property, preventing them from marking their territory and fouling


• Fox deterrent systems are an alternative fox pest control method which emits an ultrasonic noise to harmlessly scare off foxes

Rodent Control


• Cages are used to capture mice and rats alive, instead of spring-board traps. Rodent control specialists will safely and humanely remove pests from cages, which is also effective or fox pest control


• Sprays and animal repellents, including aluminium ammonium sulphate, deters rodents, such as rabbits, from eating vegetable gardens


• Holes in walls and flooring are sealed for rodent control, which helps to proof Chatham properties from future infestations

Insect Control


• Chemicals and fogging treatments are carried out, which comply with health and safety codes for insect control in public places


• Heating, steaming and freezing techniques can be used instead of chemicals for cases of bed bugs, fleas and cockroaches


• Wasp nests are removed by our trained insect control team, and bee hives will be relocated to a safer location


• Flea and cockroach infestations may require fast-acting poisonous gels to be applied to surfaces around your Chatham property, or fumigation treatments will be recommended for extreme cases of insect control


• Spiders and ants will be removed by deterring powders applied to floors and around crevices, as well as sprays in harder to reach areas on the ceiling

Bird Control


• Shops, allotments and homes which sell or grow fruits and vegetables will be protected by bird netting and spikes being placed on top of arches and roofs where birds, such as pigeons, often perch


• Bio-acoustic systems emit birds of prey sounds effects and optical bird gel mimics the appearance of fire. These are effective forms of bird control to scare birds away from your Chatham property


• Electric bird control devices deliver electric pulses, which deter birds in a harmless way

To find out more about the humane pest control solutions we offer at properties in Chatham and the surrounding areas of Kent and Medway, call 07919 262797.