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These creatures are usually nocturnal pests which can cause ongoing problems for residential and commercial clients in Maidstone, Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester and the surrounding areas of London and Kent. Effective fox pest control services eradicate issues with foxes in rural and urban communities, which may be a danger to livestock and families with small children. At Sabre Kent Ltd, our team uses safe and humane pest control methods to remove any threat and improve the security of your property.

Common Urban Pests

Fox pest control services are required more commonly in urban areas, such as suburban streets, public parks and commercial sites in Chatham, Gillingham, Maidstone, Rochester, London and Kent. They can often be found in packs or as rogue nuisances from dusk until dawn. Like other pests, including ants and rats, foxes can be found lurking around domestic and commercial properties because they are attracted to food waste, in addition to other forms of disturbing behaviour.

• Scavenging for food through refuse bags

• Digging up holes and flower beds in the garden

• Chewing through external wires and cables

• Fouling and marking their territory around the property

• Noise pollution during the night, mainly during mating seasons

Fox Pest Control Services

At Sabre Kent Ltd, we recommend a range of humane and environmentally-friendly practices for fox pest control, which complies with the Industry Codes of Best Practice from the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and National Pest Technicians Agency (NPTA).


It is also against the law to inflict any unnecessary harm to foxes, which are protected under the 2006 Animal Welfare Act. Failure to adhere to government regulations will result in a prison sentence and a maximum fine of £20,000.


The following practices are not permitted for fox pest control:

image of a fox licking its muzzle

• Spring traps and snares which aren’t ‘free-running’

• Knives, clubs, crossbows or explosives as weapons

• Animals or birds to hunt or bait foxes

• Use of harmful gases or poisons

• Destroying fox habitats

Homeowners and commercial clients in Maidstone, Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester and the surrounding areas of London and Kent can rely on our fully-trained team to survey your property and recommend suitable pest control methods.


The humane ways to carry out successful fox pest control services include:

  • Fox-proof fencing which protects household pets and poultry in outdoor hutches and chicken runs


  • Cages and traps that are designed to hold foxes until pest control companies collect and remove them safely. Any cage or trap needs to be checked every 24 hours


  • Repellent sprays are applied to the exterior of your Maidstone, Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester, London or Kent property as a preventative measure for foxes marking their territory and fouling


  • Deterrent alarms emit a series of short, ultrasonic bursts to scare off foxes, as a harmless fox pest control solution

For effective fox pest control methods at properties in Maidstone, Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester and the nearby London and Kent areas, call 07919 262797.