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Commercial Bird, Insect and Rodent Control
in Maidstone

Businesses in Maidstone which show signs of a pest infestation should take immediate action to protect both customers and employees. As certified members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and the National Pest Technicians Agency (NPTA), we guarantee higher standards of pest control. While we always work humanely, we guarantee services to be effective and assure you that our work will resolve the problem.

Use us for:

Commercial properties in Maidstone need to be fully protected from infestations with guaranteed pest control services. There are different species of pests which affect local businesses dealing with high volumes of food and biodegradable waste, and other properties in unsecured areas. These situations can attract pests to infest and, eventually, to spread disease.

Hotels and Resorts

In accordance to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Maidstone clients in the hospitality sector need to undertake frequent surveys of public areas like restaurants, canteens, hotel bedrooms and conference facilities. A high turnover of guests can create a hazardous environment, which may require insect control to eradicate fleas or bed bugs in mattresses, or rodent control to remove rats and mice that are attracted to the foodstuffs found in kitchens and storerooms.

Externally, hotels and resorts should take precautions to keep environments safe by using our company for bird control. Fox pest control is also recommended for premises in urban areas.

Restaurants and Eateries

Businesses in Maidstone that prepare food, such as restaurants and cafes, are required to fulfil the Food and Environment Protection Act 1985. This involves maintaining a hygienic environment in which to cook and store foodstuffs without any contamination from pests, or from pest control materials. All repellent sprays, powders and poisonous materials for bird control, insect control or rodent control need storing safely.

With humane forms of fox pest control, like cage traps, our technicians will need to make daily inspection visits.

Warehouses and Industrial Sites

Warehouse vendors can spread contaminated supplies to shops and business clients during deliveries. Rodent control and insect control services need to be carried out efficiently to stop this from happening. Bird control and fox pest control may be required to secure industrial or construction sites, especially for bins stored outside, and to keep them safe.

We can offer business clients a contract service where we make scheduled periodical visits on a pre-arranged basis.

Dealing with Pests at Commercial Properties

Clients in Maidstone and the surrounding areas can rely on pest control companies, such as Sabre Kent Ltd, to carry out ethical and humane eradications. Our technicians are trained to undertake bird control, insect control, rodent control and fox pest control at any commercial property in London or Kent.

We use modern methods to remove pests humanely, adhering to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (1999) and the Control of Pesticides Regulations (1986).

Proofing Methods

Fox pest control includes the fitting of reinforced mesh to protect livestock. Holes and gaps in floors and walls are sealed for rodent control. Netting and spikes are effective bird control methods to stop perching and nesting on the top of roofs, walls, gateways and arches

Repellent Sprays and Powders

Scents for fox pest control are sprayed around properties to prevent fouling. Special powders and deterrent sprays are used to remove spiders and other crawling or flying insects with our insect control services.

Modern Deterring Equipment

Bio acoustic systems and other ultrasonic sounds are emitted for fox pest control and bird control, which are the most humane ways to scare off pests.

Traps and Cages

Commonly used for rodent control and fox pest control instead of glue and spring-board traps. All cages and traps at Maidstone properties should be checked at least once every 24 hours. We can make these daily visits.

Poisonous Materials

Our insect control and rodent control service involves fast-acting poisons which exterminate the infestation, carried out as safely and humanely as possible.

Fogging and Fumigation

Chemicals can be used under strict health and safety guidelines, in addition to heating, steaming and freezing techniques. Bed bugs, cockroaches and fleas are the most common pests to require insect control fumigations

Removal and Relocation

Wasp nests are promptly removed by our insect control team. Bee hives are carefully relocated.

For bird, insect, fox and rodent control in Maidstone, call 01622 470 077 or 07919 262 797.