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Pest Control in Maidstone
Humane Removal of Rodents, Birds, Insects and Foxes

The professional team at Sabre Kent Ltd provides a range of pest control services for domestic and commercial clients in Maidstone and all surrounding London and Kent areas. We use a combination of humane methods, both traditional and modern. Rodent control, bird control and insect control are amongst our more popular services, but we are also one of very few companies locally to offer fox pest control services as well.

As members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and National Pest Technicians Agency (NPTA), our company delivers an ethical service which successfully eliminates pests.


It is easy to determine if clients in Maidstone, London or Kent require rodent control services for pests like mice and rats. The tell-tale signs are droppings, shaped like grains of rice, and teeth marks in wire casings and food containers. Due to the diseases rats pass onto humans via saliva and faeces, it is important to book rodent control services promptly.

  • Mouse and Rat Proofing – The obvious signs of entry are sealed, including holes and gaps in flooring and walls
  • Setting Traps – Cages are used as a safe rodent control alternative to traditional glue and spring-board traps
  • Poison – In severe cases, rodent control involves fast-acting poison to exterminate the infestation humanely


Bird control is required to avoid disease being spread in a similar way to rodents. Pigeons and seagulls contaminate domestic and commercial properties in Maidstone, London and Kent with their faeces. Bird control is also effective in reducing stains from droppings, which can lead to costly industrial cleaning if left unattended for long periods.

  • Bird Netting – Protect shop fronts displaying fruit and vegetable stalls, or any home with a vegetable garden
  • Bird Spikes – Stop birds perching and nesting on top of roofs, walls, gateways and arches with our spike range
  • Bio Acoustic Systems – Bird control technology is used to trick birds by playing “Bird of Prey” sound effects

Insects and Spiders

Our insect control solutions include full inspections at your Maidstone, London or Kent property. This helps our skilled pest control team to determine the extent of the infestation, to identify the insects in question and, of course, to choose the best course of action for eliminating the problem.

  • Bed Bug Treatments – Chemicals used under strict health and safety guidelines, as well as heating, steaming and freezing alternatives
  • Fumigation – Cockroaches and fleas are common pests which require insect control fumigation procedures, which helps to prevent bed bugs too
  • Nest and Hive Removals – Wasps nests carefully disposed of by our pest control experts, whereas bee hives will be protected and relocated
  • Sprays and Powder – Spiders sighted during the summer in suburban and rural areas are eradicated by powders and insect deterrent sprays


Foxes are commonly found in urban areas, scavenging for food, digging holes, chewing through cables and fouling in parks. They are often sighted at suburban residences and commercial premises in London and Kent. Fox pest control takes care of these nuisances and prevents harm to young children or pets.

  • Fox Proof Fencing – Reinforced mesh protects outdoor pet hutches and runs from being broken into during the night
  • Fox Repellent Sprays – Scents are sprayed around property to stop foxes marking territory and continually fouling
  • Fox Deterrents – Short, ultrasonic bursts are emitted to scare foxes away in a humane method of fox pest control

The Benefits of Pest Control

At Sabre Kent Ltd, we offer safe, humane solutions to domestic and commercial clients in Maidstone and the surrounding areas. Our experienced officers are fully insured to carry out all forms of control in compliance with the Industry Codes of Best Practice, set by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and the National Pest Technicians Agency (NPTA) respectively.

Our clients also benefit from free advice, and from free, no-obligation estimates at very affordable prices.

The team at Sabre Kent Ltd looks forward to helping you.

For pest control in Maidstone, London and Kent, call 01622 470 077 or 07919 262 797.