Preventing Pest Control in Rochester and the Surrounding Areas

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At Sabre Kent Ltd, residents and commercial clients in Rochester and the surrounding areas can rely on our pest control expertise. The services we carry out, including fox pest control, rodent control, insect control and bird control, guarantee complete eradication at your property. To prevent pests from getting out of control and turning into a larger-scale infestation, there are obvious signs and easy ways to check your Rochester property for the presence of pests on a regular basis.

How to Carry Out Pest Control Surveys

• Monitor domestic and commercial premises with regularly scheduled inspections


• Check the property for any maintenance issues to prevent access to pests


• Take action with pest control services as quickly as possible, including fox pest control, rodent control, insect control and bird control. This will prevent germs and diseases being spread


• Ensure that all reports and complaints are efficiently dealt with at commercial properties and businesses, including securing public areas from contamination

It is important to frequently inspect the interior and exterior of your Rochester property, even if you haven’t required pest control services before. Rodent control and insect control professionals recommend checking hidden corners of the room, wall and floorboard cavities, loft spaces and basements, which are common places for pests to hide.


External checks of your Rochester premises will need to be undertaken for fox pest control and bird control. Retail and hospitality businesses are required by law to regularly conduct inspections, which is a health and safety regulation for premises with food preparation areas.

Signs of Pests at Your Property



When it comes to rodent control for rats or mice, you will notice grain-shaped droppings on flooring or in cupboards. Signs of fox pest control include fouling and urine odours around the exterior of your Rochester property, due to the animal marking its territory. You may require bird control if you discover bird faeces below your roofline or archways

Gnawing Marks


Rats and mice often leave teeth marks where they have been attempting to steal food from packets or containers, in addition to biting through wires and cables. Squirrels will gnaw through insulation and storage materials in loft and attic spaces at your Rochester property, which often requires rodent control and proofing to your roof

Concentration of Insects


If you notice a higher concentration of flies, moths, wasps or bees in or around your Rochester property, insect control services will eradicate the infestation or dispose of any nests in safe manner

Skin Rashes or Bites


Rodent control or insect control experts may be needed for Rochester clients who are suffering from inflamed skin conditions. Gnats and bed bugs leave rashes which cause itching, due to the saliva from insect bites. Saliva from rats is also harmful. Rodent control and insect control practices include proofing your property, as well as fast and effective fumigation techniques for 100 per cent eradication

To find out more about pest control solutions at commercial properties in Rochester and the surrounding areas of Kent, call 07919 262797.