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If your domestic or commercial property in Gillingham, Maidstone, Chatham, Rochester or the surrounding areas of London and Kent shows signs of rodent or insect infestation, our team at Sabre Kent Ltd will eradicate the problem. We carry out effective and humane pest control methods, including rodent control for mice and rats, and insect control to remove wasps and bed bugs, to name a few.

Rodent Control

Rodent Control Services

  • Setting Traps – Cages are used as alternatives to spring-board traps. Animals are caught and humanely removed by rodent control specialists


  • Deterrents – Outdoor prays and animal repellents, such as aluminium ammonium sulphate, are effective methods of rodent control to put off animals from returning to properties in and around Chatham, Gillingham, Maidstone, Rochester, London and Kent for food


  • Poison – To combat disease from rats, a fast-acting poison is used in extreme pest control cases, which is carried out in a safe manner


  • Rodent Proofing – Wall cavities and holes in floor and lofts are sealed up to prevent further infestations
image of a mouse wandering through dead leaves

Common Rodent Issues


There are different species of rodents that require pest control services to be undertaken at homes and commercial properties in Chatham, Gillingham, Maidstone, Rochester, London and Kent.

  • Mice and rats are nocturnal animals which are attracted to food waste and live in small crevices behind walls or below floorboards. They gnaw through wires, cables and packets of food, leaving traces of saliva and droppings which can spread disease


  • Squirrels invade loft spaces, using boxes and insulation material to build their nests. They can create damage to the integrity of your roofline, cause noise pollution and they will aggressively defend their territory


  • Moles are limited to rodent control issues at properties in Chatham, Gillingham, Maidstone, Rochester, London and Kent with gardens, affecting lawns and ground maintenance. These subterranean creatures leave holes and tunnels in the earth which prevents grass roots from growing healthily


  • Rabbits leave burrows in lawns and flowers beds, in addition to eating flowers and vegetables grown for personal or commercial purposes


  • American Mink is becoming a common pest in the UK requiring rodent control, due to their hunting behaviour. Chatham, Gillingham, Maidstone, Rochester, London and Kent properties with outdoor pets, poultry and pond fish are mostly at risk of attacks

Insect Control

Different Types of Insects


Our insect control packages encompass a wide range of infestations, which are undertaken by a fully-trained team. To target the source of the problem, inspections for all pest control services are carried out at your Chatham, Gillingham, Maidstone, Rochester, London or Kent property first.

Flying Insects

  • Wasps and bees build nests and hives which can be found in attic spaces, rooflines, trees and attached to the side of your Chatham, Gillingham, Maidstone, Rochester, London and Kent property


  • Flies, such as mosquitoes and Blue Bottles, are some of the common flies which require insect control around kitchens and food outlets


  • There are two different types of moths: one infests food cupboards and pantries, while the other causes damage to clothing and fabrics

Crawling Insects

  • Bed Bugs and fleas are highly infectious parasites that spread through shared clothing, towels and bed linen. Bed bugs cause itching and rashes from bites and saliva, which requires a range of insect control treatments to properly eradicate them


  • Spider webs and nests can be found in hard to reach areas, such as ceilings, archways and rafters, as well as lofts and basements


  • Cockroaches and ants are attracted to kitchens and food preparation areas. Poorly disposed of waste will generate nests, with cockroaches that lay up to 50 eggs in less than a 3-month period

Insect Control Methods

image of ants swarming in the undergrowth
  • Chemical and Temperature Treatments – A range of chemicals and fogging techniques are used, as well as heating, steaming and freezing alternatives for bed bugs, fleas and cockroaches


  • Safe and Humane Removal – Wasp nests and bee hives will be removed by insect control experts and relocated to a safe environment


  • Gels and Fumigating Techniques – Fleas and cockroaches may require specialised gels and fumigation for a complete insect control solution


  • Deterrent Sprays and Powders– Spiders and ants are deterred by special pest control powders and sprays, which are applied to corners of the room, skirting boards and entry holes

For pest control services, including rodent control and insect control, at Maidstone, Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester, London and Kent properties, call 07919 262797.